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So I haven't updated in like six and a half years, OH WELL, I AM NOW.

So yesterday was New Year's. I am currently running on slightly less than three hours of sleep and I'm not quite sure how well that's working out. At two thirty, when we all went to bed, my friend Verzani and I randomly started laughing for like six minutes and then Becca, who was asleep, woke up and we ended up having a talk for three hours. HOLY CRAPS. Somewhere out there, there are pictures of me pretending to be passed out on the floor with a wine bottle in my hand.


1. Keep a record of everything I read this year and have it be at least fifty books.
2. Find the balls to ask someone to Turnabout.
3. Keep my GPA at 4.3 for the rest of soph year and at least 4.2 for junior year.
4. Say "fuck" less. This one is going to be really hard.
5. Stop making everything into innuendo. Haha, my last sentence said "really hard."
6. Um?

If any of you happen to live in Chicago or the Chicago area, you may already know about this. For you that don't, Lee Cutler, an 18-year-old from my town, a senior at my school, has been missing since Saturday. His car and some personal items, like a backpack and a blanket, were found in Baraboo, Wisconsin. They're pretty sure he ran away-- but that doesn't make it any easier on his family and friends. I don't personally know him, but I'm friends with his girlfriend and some of his other friends. It's really been hard on everyone here, in addition to the media vultures swooping around Stevenson. I was sitting with his girlfriend, Autumn, yesterday morning before school, and she was extremely upset, even before this asshole Andy informed her that he had seen something about Lee on the morning news. She was crying so hard after that that a social worker came downstairs and took her away. That poor girl-- Autumn hasn't been able to eat since Saturday; she can't keep anything down. Anyways, it's been rough on even those of us who weren't friends with him, and we're all hoping he'll be found soon, although it's growing less and less likely by the hour.
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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.Collapse )
After, like, a year or something, I wrote the sequel to my semi-popular "Committing SUEicide", a parody of terrible fanfiction stories. This time it takes place back when the Marauders ruled Hogwarts. I like it, I suppose, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

Committing SUEicide: Like OMG, It's Teh Marauders!"

It's not letting me read my reviews, and they're not being emailed to me. Which sucks, a bit, since I can see they're there. Hopefully those'll show up soon.

On an unrelated note, I'm a little bit sad. My two best friends are gone (one at camp, one in Greece), which makes me all lonely, and my dad is mad at me, and I have no idea why. It's so weird, because my dad is normally incredibly nice and always hilarious as hell, and he's been ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder since around Saturday. I keep meaning to ask him why he's angry with me, but the opportune moment hasn't presented itself yet. :(
I have finished it.

I was quite surprised at myself; I read it all in slightly under four hours.

I have my costume.

We're going to 1 tomorrow for the IMAX; we couldn't find an adult willing to take us to a HP movie at midnight and we didn't want to break curfew and get arrested.

After weeks of debating whether I should dress up or not, I finally decided to last night. My original costume (I'm going as Hermione) was a handkercheif-hem dress black dress, with a red tank top on top and a black shirt over that. It looked kind of crappy.

So today I swapped the two tops for a gray three-quarter length shirt and a nearly-white button down undearneath. I also have S.P.E.W posters, a thick book with a Hogwarts, A History cover on it, and possibly a Hogwarts badge or a prefect badge. For the book release I should have both the badges. I'll maybe upload some pictures of me and my best friend (who's going as Ginny) in costume tomorrow. Any last-minute suggestions from anyone?
Finally, after five months, I've uploaded something to fanfiction.net. It's a oneshot. I got the idea for it when reading GOF today. Hagrid says something about how he never thought he'd see the Triwizard Tournament played again, and I was like, "...again?"

So I thought about, and hurried upstairs to go type it out. Please read and review?


Has anyone ever been to a HP movie premiere? If so, how early do you have to get there to get semi-decent seats?
This summer is going to be boring as hell. I got back from Disney, which owned, but now I'm not doing anything until, like, the middle of July. Tons of my friends are working or in summer classes, so that's no help. I went over to Becca's yesterday and got the feeling that I'll be spending about three-quarters of my vacation there, and maybe the other quarter around Allie's. She has a built-in pool, dontcha know, and the two of us are co-writing a script. But the silly child is working/taking drivers ed, so I shan't be seeing much of her.

I need to take up a hobby. Like knitting, or something, but I don't want to learn how to knit. And I'd have no problem with sitting in my backyard reading all summer, but I have no idea what to read. Anyone have any good book suggestions? -bats eyelashes- Please?

I exercised today, which makes me feel all productive and healthy even though I desperately hate it and whenever I exercise I keep my eye on the clock so I can stop the second I'm supposed to be done. I seriously have no patience, whatsoever. Like when after I shower, if I want my hair to look nice or at least fairly decent, I should let it air-dry for two hours and then put it up. Ninety-five percent of the time, I put it up so it's out of my damn face within fifteen minutes (and, ftw, it still looks fine. It just kind of takes twenty hours to dry that way). Yeah.

Blargh. I'm so bored. Someone tell me to get off my ass and do something productive, like cleaning my room or, I dunno, write my play or do my summer reading project or go through my freshman and middle school paper or pack for camp a month in advance or get a job. The latter which I would immensely like to do but no one really needs to hire an almost fifteen-year-old sophomore who has never had a job and has no real skills besides writing, immaculate grammar, letter-sealing, and procrastination. Does grammar even count as a skill? I doubt it.

GAHH. This is only my second day of summer (not including Florida) and already I'm bored. What am I going to do with the next seventy days?


That will be all.


Yarr, here be spoilers!Collapse )

-sheepish- I downloaded the entire AWE soundtrack. IF ANYTHING PLEASE GO DOWNLOAD THE FIRST SONG. It's called Hoist the Colors and it actually has vocals and it doesn't give anything away and it's so pretty. GO DO IT NOW. It's only lik thirty seconds long anyways.
Not including finals, I have ten days of classes left. Which pretty much means it's extremely difficult to work up the motivation to do the end-of-year pile of homework, plsu finals packets, I have sitting in front of me. Why write two English essays when you'll only be in the English room eleven more times? -sigh- But it's the time of year when homework is super-important for pulling up my B-pluses to A minuses and my A-minuses to A's. Groarrrrrrr.

In other news, math and biology kind of need to die.
My show is in two and a half hours. OMG OMG OMG OMG SPAZZING.

I think it's going to go really well. Rehearsal went incredibly well on Wednesday, so that's good. I kind of added in some last minute costume changes this afternoon without telling my director, but it's just jewelry. Whatever.

I'm not nervous. And the fact that I'm not nervous is making me very nervous indeed, since I want to be nervous so I can harness that nervous energy and use it, but since I'm completely calm (well sort of, my body is freaking out and my heart rate went up like a million times and I'm jittery but my mind is perfectly fine), I have no nerves to harness. Roar.

Last night was the musical one-act. As expected, the lyrics were terrible, but whatever. The acting was good and it was only kind of boring. They had way better costumes than us and better scenery, though. The paper did a whole article on them and mentioned the fact that there are seven other shows in the last sentence. But whatever, it's been this way since the beginning. I mean, the musical got entire shiny posters to put in the hall that looked extremely professional and we got nada. -grumbles under breath-

Anyways, if anyone in the Chicago area has the urge to come... DO IT.



That is all.
It's getting dangerously close to opening night, and I don't know if we're ready or not yet. We had our first tech Thursday and everyone sucked, but yesterday we had a quick 45-minute rehearsal and it went swimmingly. Everything finally clicked, but I don't know if we can keep doing that until Friday night. gahhhhhhhhh

I think it'll be good though-- the only problem is EVERYONE ELSE'S SHOWS ARE AMAZING. We're the shortest (ours is ten minutes) and the only comedy, the others are like 20-25 minute dramas that kick ASS. Grar.

I have so much homework this weekend it's practically falling out of my ass. World History 5-page paper that's 30% of my final due Friday but I haven't started it yet and I have rehearsal almost every night this week so I need to write it all this weekend; two math packets and a math assignment; a 700-word English composition with footnotes and research; memorized lines for a scene in acting class, and some bio questions. I might explode. Plus, I want to go to Chocolate Fest on Sunday. I guess if I write 1/2 the history paper today and do a math packet and bio today, and then write the other half, do another math packet and the English essay tomorrow and finish up math Monday morning and randomly keep practicing my acting lines, I'll be okay.

Or I'll explode. It could go either way.

My history paper might kill me though. I need way more research than I have-- I have three sources and I need five, I think. Maybe only four. Anyone know anything about Jonestown? The cult that committed mass suicides in Guyana in the seventies? It's actually really interesting.
I'm sick. And it's annoying as hell. I probably shouldn't have even gone to school today, but at my school, missing for being sick is as laughable as buying something out of the Tyson Chicken vending machine. Chicken machine? wtf mateCollapse )