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est-ce que mon dessin vous a fait peur?

pourquoi un chapeau ferait-il peur?

je suis petit oiseau, c'est la faute à rousseau
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Yes, it's Avada Cruimperio, your favorite author. Or, if you've ever read her work... maybe not your favorite author. I write stories- fanfiction. If you look around, you can find a link to my work. My most popular story is "Making Friendship Bracelets for the Death Eaters", a comedy about everyone's favorite murderers. My other current ongoing story is called "Bah, Hippogriff!" and it's a Harry Potter version of A Christmas Carol, starring the lovely Severus Snape. And yes- it IS in-progess. I haven't abandonded it yet. I'm also slightly known for my one-shot "Committing SUE-icide", a parody of all those crappy stories about made-up Barbie dolls that discover they are magical. Anyways, if for some odd reason you'd like to contact me, I'm pretty sure you can also find a link to my email around here, or IM me at LookThatsShiny. -huggles-

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Because I know you're wondering: yes, it's definitely true. My first-born son will indeed, someday, be named Kenickie Gavroche.
And no, I'm not crazy.